Our rooms are set up to cater for any type of guest. From travellers seeking a tranquil getaway, to guests travelling on business seeking a few home comforts, to couples on honeymoon. Guests of all types can enjoy the hospitality that Pebble Rock has to offer

Pebble Rock Lodge boasts of comfortably furnished rooms with ensuite bathrooms.

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The lodge has a conference area suitable for conferences, seminars, presentations and other such activities. The conference facility can be booked individually or as part of guest bookings. Group bookings are also possible

Guests also have access to the swimming pool that is located in the backyard. There is also a picnic area where guests can relax for an outdoor experience

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Meals: Breakfast is optional. Lunch and dinner are only available on request. Guests can choose from a selection of predetermined meals. Guests can also choose to have their meals in their rooms if they desire privacy.

From the moment they arrive to the moment they leave guests can enjoy the service of a welcoming, warm and friendly staff that are dedicated to ensuring that all guests are comfortable and well looked after

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Welcome! Situated on 36 Elvington Road in the heart of Hillside South, this gem is an accomodation facility that caters for both the business and leisure traveller in need of a peaceful atmosphere for relaxation.